• AI-powered productivity tools for

    Teachers and Schools


    Digitalise questions, auto-mark homework, performance tracking for students, and more.

    Find out what Qlassroom AI can do to supercharge your teaching and help your students achieve better results.

  • AI Engines


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    Convert images or PDFs to editable questions

    Convert any questions to an editable question within a few clicks, so you can skip all the typing. You can edit the question anytime when the syllabus is updated. Even populate the questions for more variety yourself or through the AI.

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    Generate adaptive worksheets



    Generate worksheets with unique questions of the same concept and difficulty level to allow unrepeated practice for students


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    Auto-mark your student's work and you will know if they truly understand the solving methods of the concept and score.

  • How Qlassroom AI can help

    teachers increase productivity


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    100,000 exam-style questions at your fingertips


    Spent a lot of time to find the right question for worksheets? You can use Qlassroom's in-house library of exam-style questions completed with step-by-step solutions. The questions are created by elite teachers with years of teaching experience. Questions are available in major international syllabus like Cambridge GCE & IGCSE, etc.

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    Generate and distribute custom or adaptive worksheets with a few clicks


    Tired of prepping the same materials repeatedly for different students? Qlassroom is here to help you make it a breeze, whether prepping materials before class, creating an impromptu pop quiz during lessons, or assigning homework after class.

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    Tailor your teaching with better analytics


    Qlassroom records your student's progress and gives you insight into their learning and understanding. What topics or areas do you need to spend more time on? What type of questions stumps your students? Get an immediate bird's eye view of your student's strengths and weaknesses with our customized reports.

  • Why teachers like


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    Teacher's second brain

    Search, select & use. Or best, the system help you select and you just use. All your questions resources in one easy to retrieve location so you can free up your capacity and focus on students.

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    Save time teach more

    Teach more student with the same amount of time without compromising the attention to students

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    Always in action

    You can take action anywhere, everywhere. Preparing pre-class worksheets in a matter of seconds, quickly pulling out quizzes to test students in the class; getting students' progress while discussing with parents.

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