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    Qlassroom makes learning math fun and effective for students in the primary and secondary levels.


    Aligned to MOE's Maths Syllabus

    Personalised learning paths

    Unlimited smart worksheets to practice

  • Study Smart with

    Artificial Intelligence

    Qlassroom is your friendly learning platform to complement your school works. Your A.I. companion helps you track learning progress, design personalised learning paths, and generate practice or revision worksheets for you. Our elite teachers are also available on Qlassroom to help you with questions.

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    Take control of your learning

    Qlassroom is the one-stop digital learning portal that preps you for excellence. Your A.I. learning buddy helps you keep track of your learning profile and plans for practices and revisions according to your strength and weakness. Your personal tutor also helps you identify areas to improve and explain challenging questions.

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    Detailed solutions and exam tips

    Qlassroom's library has thousands of questions created by experienced teachers. Each question comes with step-by-step working solutions and exam tips. You will realise your mistakes and learn immediately by reviewing each worksheet.

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    Review and correct your mistakes

    Qlassroom helps you organize your past mistakes into chapters. During revision, you can go through the mistakes again and create new worksheets that consist of similar questions to work on your weaker concepts.

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    Set goals and keep track of your progress

    You can use Qlassroom to set learning goals and update the topics you have learned in school. Our A.I. will then design learning paths and plan for your practices. You have access to the learning progress to stay informed.

  • Both of my girls are using Qlassroom and they love it! They use the smart worksheets to practice their Math. It's much better than physical worksheets because of the step-by-step solution and exam tips. I truly thank Qlassroom for taking away all my concerns about my girls' studies!"

    -- Raymond, parent of two daughters

    Qlassroom is really effective! when I get a question wrong or right, Qlassroom provides a solution and I feel that it is really understandable. Apart from that, I can train the questions that I’m unfamiliar with multiple times which would then help me in getting a clearer understanding about the topic itself which benefits a lot as math requires a lot of practice.

    -- Kristina, O-level student
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    "She did well, in my opinion, although she expected better results! Her Chinese was great! Her total score is AL14, big improvement from the beginning of the year!"


    -- Hwei Min, parent of a PSLE student

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    My chinese has improved a lot thanks to Qlassroom! I got a AL5 during my prelims and got a AL3 for my PSLE. Ms Roxy who is my personal tutor makes the lessons fun and productive at the same time, which helps me to focus through the lessons more easily.


    -- Gabby, PSLE student

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    "Earlier the year my math always failed. But after using Qlassroom for a few months, I got 11 points for N-Level and 4  points for maths! I'm so happy with my results! "


    -- Kristina, Secondary 4 (NA) student
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    Students using Qlassroom spend 80% less time mastering a topic in Math. 

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