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    Support your child to get better grades.

      Never miss a moment of your child's accomplishments
      Ignite your child's love of learning
      Supercharge your child's learning outcome
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    Celebrate every accomplishment to boost your child's confidence.

    We keep track of your child's daily learning activities and notify you when (s)he makes learning progress in Qlassroom.

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    Never miss a signal when your child needs help.

    Your child may be challenged to understand certain concepts from time to time and keep quiet when the ego gets in the way. Qlassroom detects such moments and keeps you informed.

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    Ignite their love of learning.

    Your child can earn badges and unlock new levels when they successfully accomplish a learning goal. They can create battles and challenge their friends to climb the leaderboard. They can earn points and customise their virtual learning buddy to stay accompanied. They learn with so much fun with Qlassroom.

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    Learn effectively with AI

    Qlassroom comes with proprietary A.I. to design personalised learning paths for your child according to their strengths and weaknesses. They work on worksheets that progressively increase the difficulties of the questions so that they accomplish their learning goals with the right amount of practice.

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