• Unlock tuition centres' potential
    through AI and digitisation

    Automate student work with your proprietary digital questions, so that tutor can focus only on teaching.


    Quick & easy to digitalise questions

     Adaptive worksheet based on students’ need

     Real time learning progress update


  • Enhance education with

    Artificial Intelligence

    Qlassroom is your friendly learning platform to complement your teaching.

    Your A.I. assitant that help personalised worksheets and track students' learning progress.

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    Take control of your proprietary resources

    • Tutor only need to digitise questions once
    • Tutor can re-use, populate & distribute your digital questions with ease
    • Centre can control learning contents' quality across all tutors
    • Digital resources remain secured with creator without need to worry about leakage
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    Personalised learning made easy

    • Adaptive learning algorithm will recommend questions according to students' progress, so tutors do not have to customised worksheets each and everytime
    • Unique worksheets can be created with specific questions to enhance students understanding.
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    Flexible assessment when needed

    • Worksheets can be auto-marked to provide instant feedback for students.
    • Tutor can supplement feedback and comments on student’s working to rectify students' misunderstanding.
  • Why tutors love Qlassroom


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    Snap & Convert questions

    Convert your handwritten, scanned copy or softcopy questions into editable question in matters of seconds.

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    Quick distribution of worksheets

    Assign personalised worksheet to your student one click away or customise.

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    Auto Mark

    Worksheets will be auto-mark and provide with detailed explanation, so student can learn from their mistake immediately.

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    Consolidate group assessment

    Tutor can review and run through class work at one go, to highlight common mistakes.

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    Learning progress in simple visualisation

    Tutor can get every student's progress on your finger tips at anypoint of time

  • Little secret tools of Qlassroom


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    Class managements

    Manage, distribute and assess class activity and work in a centralised location.
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    Group analytics

    One glance on the class performance and work history to for quick class planning and teaching on commom misunderstanding.

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    Revision made easy

    Guide student to review past mistakes and generate new worksheets with similar questions for effective improvement.

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    Flexible Curiculum

    Use preset syllabus (e.g. IGCSE, IB, GCE) or create custom ones to manage your curriculum.
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    Play-to-learn apps

    Gamification learning to make learning fun and motivating, anywhere anytime.
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    Parent apps

    Real time student info sharing to keep parent informed at all time.

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